E-commerce: 3 Solutions to boost wine sales


Optimize your E-commerce strategy with the Vinotte®:

3 innovative solutions to boost your wine and spirits sales

In a market where user experience is king, Vinoae offers creative solutions for e-commerce businesses specializing in wine and spirits sales. Tasting sets, Advent calendars, and virtual reality experiences turn each purchase into a memorable and enjoyable adventure. Here’s how these products can revolutionize your online offerings.

The discovery set: a fun and memorable experience

Wine Tasting Sample Set

First, the wine tasting sets are designed to surprise and educate your clients’ palates. This offer allows them to discover various wine or spirits samples in a format that is both fun and educational. Each discovery set presents itself as a tasting game with selected references to elevate the gustatory experience.

This is an excellent strategy to encourage upselling, as it invites clients to taste before committing to larger quantities. Offering this type of “wine gift” creates a memorable experience that builds customer loyalty and encourages repeat purchases.

These sets can be sold as an additional purchase during an order, a monthly or annual subscription, etc.


The Advent and After wine and spirits calendars: diversify your offerings

Next, the Advent calendar is no longer just a year-end tradition but a must-have product to enrich your offerings.

For e-commerce sites, the wine and spirits Advent calendar turns the festive anticipation into a daily celebration of discoveries. These Advent calendars are available in 12 or 24-day versions, offering 12 or 24 carefully chosen wine and/or spirits samples to guarantee daily surprise and pleasure. This offer not only diversifies the product catalog but also captures the interest of consumers looking for new and unique experiences, thus boosting your visibility and online sales!

This Advent calendar is the perfect tasting set for special occasions: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, etc.

Virtual tour and tasting with WineVision

Finally, what better way to combine wine tradition and innovation?

For wineries that sell directly online and thus have an e-commerce site, here’s a captivating, modern, and unprecedented combination: wine tasting sets accompanied by a virtual reality tour of the winery. This “remote tasting and virtual winery tour” package offers an immersive experience, allowing clients to virtually explore the vineyards and facilities while tasting a selection of the best wines.

This enriching experience helps establish a stronger emotional connection with consumers, fostering brand loyalty and increasing sales opportunities. Selling wine samples online encourages e-commerce customers to become physical customers later on. This combination is a sure value to attract visitors to your wineries!

For more information, visit https://www.winevision.fr/fr_FR/

Vinoae’s solutions are designed to enrich the online shopping experience and provide unforgettable moments around wine and spirits. By incorporating wine tasting sets, Advent calendars, or virtual reality experiences, you’re not just selling a product, but offering true sensory adventures that strengthen your connection with customers and boost your sales.

Selling wine online is already innovative, but why not go further?


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