Our virtual wine-tasting solutions are suitable for all sectors of the wine and spirits industry


Win over clients, charm them and make a difference…
We meet the expectations of wine and spirit industry professionals
by offering innovative solutions that provide a great tasting experience, giving you more opportunities.


Vinottes® increase your opportunities for prospection worldwide, while decreasing your shipping costs tenfold.
Reduce waste by sending just the right amount of samples to your clients for tasting while also being kind to the planet.
You no longer need to send whole bottles of wine worldwide.
Vinovae takes care of repackaging them into Vinottes and shipping them directly to your clients.

This provides you with innovative solutions, for example to promote your latest vintage, present new products, develop wine tourism, boost online sales, and organize virtual events or masterclasses.
Vinottes are a fun and impactful way to communicate.
They are easy to carry around, and are very popular at trade shows.

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Vinovae makes virtual tasting possible!

Develop your distance learning courses (your own or WSET courses) using Vinottes. Participants worldwide can now sign up for your courses while tasting the wines and spirits in their own home.

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Significantly increase your prospect base by easily and cost-effectively sending lightweight, unbreakable Vinottes worldwide.

Whether it’s Vinotte repackaging or shipment worldwide, we provide customized logistics.

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Vinottes let you demonstrate the difference in tastes depending on the characteristics of your wood, toast used, or yeast types. Improve your sales impact at home or abroad, and encourage interaction tailored to your clients’ expectations.

You will stand out from the crowd by offering an edutaining tasting experience. The proof is in the tasting!

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With Vinottes, Vinovae offers you a unique opportunity to present your wines and spirits for tasting before purchase.

Optimize customer experience by including samples of your best products in shipments. Vinottes are an innovative tool to win sales, increase average shopping cart value, and build customer loyalty.

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Vinottes are a unique marketing tool that can be used for loyalty-building programs, generating point-of-sale appeal, and boosting sales.

Ever thought of creating bespoke advent calendars, offering team building, or organizing virtual tasting sessions?

Vinottes® provide a tasting experience with a difference. Vinottes contain just the right amount to form a firm opinion.

So many possibilities waiting to be discovered. Stand out from the crowd.

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Vinottes are a powerful marketing tool to promote your products and attract customers to your points of sale.
Send your best customers a selection of your finest products in Vinotte form to promote events such as in-store wine fairs.

Give customers samples with click-and-collect orders or directly at the cash register so they can test products they don’t know.

Vinottes open up a whole world of possibilities. It’s up to you to use them as you see fit!

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Have you ever thought about giving personalized advent calendars, offering team building, or organizing virtual or in-person tasting sessions? Create a unique and memorable moment.

Bring your network to life and build connections by using an innovative communication tool.

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To meet market expectations, we have developed a range of our own specialist brands.

Our innovative teams have thought outside the box, creating new ways of capitalizing on everything that Vinottes have to offer.

Wine sampling and tasting


In response to the health crisis, in 2020 Vinovae co-created Hopwine, the world’s first virtual wine show with real wine-tasting.

Using Vinottes, trade purchasers worldwide were able to taste producers’ wines and spirits while interacting with them remotely. Our Hopwine solution was highly acclaimed and widely recognized by industry professionals.

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Remote wine tasting


E-tasting is an online platform that ships virtual tasting kits to students taking WSET wine levels 1, 2 or 3 and/or spirits level 1 and 2.

Vinotte kits supply the ideal dose to test products, and provide a very affordable and convenient way to taste a wide range of representative styles.

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