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Capture the hearts of clients and make a lasting impact with our cutting-edge virtual wine-tasting solutions. Designed to meet the expectations of professionals across the wine and spirits industry, our innovative offerings deliver exceptional tasting experiences, opening doors to new opportunities and paving the way for success.


How did Vinotte® become essential for producers and vintner associations? Download our customers’ projects.

Vinottes open doors to a world of opportunities, enabling worldwide prospecting while minimizing shipping costs by a factor of ten. Say goodbye to the need for shipping whole bottles of wine and embrace a more sustainable approach. Vinovae takes care of repackaging them into Vinottes, delivering just the right amount for your clients’ tasting pleasure while reducing waste and being environmentally conscious.

Our innovative solutions offer numerous benefits, allowing you to promote your latest vintage, introduce new products, enhance wine tourism, boost online sales, and organize engaging virtual events or masterclasses.

Vinottes add a fun and impactful element to your communication efforts. With their portability and popularity at trade shows, they become a versatile tool that captivates your audience.

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How did The Vinotte® open the doors to e-learning? Download our customers’ projects.

Embark on a new era of distance learning by harnessing the power of Vinottes. With Vinovae, you can develop engaging distance learning courses, whether they are your own customized programs or renowned WSET courses.

Now, participants from around the globe can enroll in your courses and have the unique opportunity to taste wines and spirits from the comfort of their own homes. Break down barriers and create immersive learning experiences with Vinovae’s virtual tasting solutions.

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How has the Vinotte® become the essential tool for your cutomer loyalty, activation and upsell campaigns? Download our customers’ projects.

Harness the marketing power of Vinottes to effectively promote your products and entice customers to your points of sale.

Capture the attention of your best customers by sending them a curated selection of your finest products in Vinotte form, ideal for promoting events like in-store wine fairs.

Enhance the customer experience by offering samples with click-and-collect orders or directly at the cash register, enabling them to explore new and unfamiliar products firsthand.

Vinottes unlock a world of possibilities, putting you in control of how to best utilize them for your business. Let your creativity flourish as you leverage the unique benefits of Vinottes to elevate your marketing strategies and drive customer engagement.

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How has the Vinotte® become an indispensable tool for your upsell campaigns? Download our customers’ projects.

Revolutionize the way you present your wines and spirits with Vinottes by Vinovae. By including samples of your exceptional products in shipments, you optimize the customer experience, providing a unique opportunity for pre-purchase tasting.

Vinottes serve as a powerful tool to drive sales, increase the average shopping cart value, and cultivate customer loyalty. Leave a lasting impression, stand out from the competition, and create a strong bond with your customers through the enticing world of Vinottes.

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Open up new horizons for your business by effortlessly and cost-effectively sending lightweight and unbreakable Vinottes to customers worldwide.

Whether it’s Vinotte repackaging or seamless global shipment, we offer tailored logistics solutions to ensure a smooth and efficient process that meets your specific requirements. Maximize your reach and potential with our comprehensive services.

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How did Vinotte® become essential for cooperages? Download our customers’ projects.

Experience the remarkable impact of Vinottes as you showcase the diverse taste profiles influenced by wood characteristics, toast levels, and yeast types.

Elevate the impact of your sales both domestically and internationally by providing an interactive tasting experience tailored to your clients’ expectations.


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Experience the exceptional marketing potential of Vinottes, a versatile tool for loyalty-building programs, point-of-sale appeal, and sales growth. Have you considered creating bespoke advent calendars, offering team-building activities, or organizing captivating virtual tasting sessions?

Vinottes® provide a tasting experience like no other, perfectly portioned to form a solid opinion. Explore the boundless possibilities and set yourself apart from the competition with Vinottes, a surefire way to stand out from the crowd.

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Flex or home office, offer online tasting events to maintain the link with your team. Download our events brochure.

Imagine the possibilities of creating personalized advent calendars, hosting captivating team-building activities, or organizing unforgettable virtual or in-person tasting sessions.

These unique and memorable moments leave a lasting impression on your network, fostering connections and building relationships.

Embrace the power of an innovative communication tool that brings your network to life, allowing you to engage and connect with your audience in a whole new way.

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Meeting market demands, with our own specialist brands.

In response to market expectations, we have curated a range of our own specialist brands that cater to unique preferences. Our innovative teams have pushed the boundaries, thinking outside the box to capitalize on the full potential of Vinottes. Explore the exciting possibilities and discover how our forward-thinking approach unlocks new avenues for success in the world of wine and spirits.

Wine sampling and tasting

Hopwine the Virtual Wine Show with Real Wine-Tasting

In response to the global health crisis of 2020, Vinovae embarked on an extraordinary endeavor by co-creating Hopwine, the world’s first virtual wine show that seamlessly integrated real wine-tasting.

Leveraging the power of Vinottes, trade purchasers worldwide were able to engage in interactive tastings with producers from the comfort of their own spaces. The groundbreaking Hopwine solution garnered high acclaim and widespread recognition from industry professionals, solidifying its position as a trailblazing innovation in the wine and spirits landscape.

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E-tasting : Unleashing Virtual Tasting Experiences

Elevate your wine and spirits education with E-tasting, an innovative online platform that delivers virtual tasting kits to students pursuing WSET wine levels 1, 2, or 3, as well as spirits levels 1 and 2.

Powered by Vinotte kits, E-tasting provides the ideal dosage to explore and evaluate products, offering an affordable and convenient way to sample a diverse range of representative styles.

Immerse yourself in an engaging and immersive learning journey with E-tasting, where knowledge and tasting prowess seamlessly intertwine.

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