Cabernet Sauvignon Sample

3 formats for our range of Vinottes®

2 cl Vinotte
4 cl Vinotte
5 cl Vinotte

Repackaging bottles into samples,
a patented process at the forefront of innovation


Our patented process leaves nothing to chance. State-of-the-art technology is used to preserve the quality of your products.

There’s no difference between your bottled wine and that in a Vinotte sample. Under controlled temperature and pressure conditions we use an oxygen-free technique (<5 ppm) with micron filtration.

In order to ensure quality is perfect, a large number of taste, physical and chemical tests – TAV, glucose, fructose, TA, volatile acidity, pH, free SO2, total SO2, malic acid, lactic acid, CO2 – have been carried out on an extremely wide range of wines.

Rest easy, your wines are in good hands.

Our samples are also suitable for spirits such as gin, whisky, cognac, rum, and brandy.

Vinottes can also be used for spirits under the same optimal conditions as for wines.

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