Our products

We customize your Vinottes, tasting boxes, and cases according to your needs and requirements.

Samples of 3 sizes
P.E.T. Vinotte®
sample wine glass
Transparent glass Vinotte®
Customized premium box
Premium box
customizable boxes
Customizable boxes
White box
White box
Kraft box for samples
Kraft box
Glass kraft box
Glass kraft box
Unit sample case
Single unit case
Advent calendar

Our additional services

In order to provide you with the best possible experience,
we offer tailor-made services.

Red wine samples
Indicative tasting

We detect cork taint by tasting a quality control batch before shipment.

Uncorking a wine bottle
Corked bottle insurance

In the unlikely event we detect a corked bottle in the quality control batch, Vinovae will take care of repackaging and return shipment of the Vinottes.

Personalized labels

Impression costs need only be paid for once, upon creation. Your brand image is highlighted, as your own visuals and logos feature on the Vinotte label.

"Scratch off label"

Shipping wine samples

We ship your Vinottes worldwide, using tailor-made logistic solutions (including all boxing, transport, customs formalities, and tracking).

Customization of wine labels
Graphic design services

We can personalize your boxes and/or individual cases using your own brand colors and graphics.

Lamination of wine labels

We can laminate (matte or gloss) your boxes to make them even more top grade and hard-wearing.

Varnishing of wine labels
3D varnish

We can add 3D selective varnish to your boxes to create texture and depth, giving volume to your images and texts.

Creation of a tasting brochure
Brochure insertion

We can insert flyers into your boxes or envelopes.