More than just wine: Vinottes®
A manifestation of our core beliefs.


Cabernet Sauvignon Sample

… have green thumbs

1 529 Arbres

Trees planted since May 2021

… are Made in France

From production to packaging, Vinottes and their entire ecosystem are meticulously crafted in France. This commitment showcases the unparalleled technical expertise and industrial excellence of the French wine and spirits industry. With Vinottes, you can be assured of the highest quality and standards, embodying the rich heritage of French craftsmanship in every aspect of the Vinottes experience.

… have a low carbon footprint

Vinottes are at the forefront of eco-conscious innovation. Not only do they generate 50 times fewer greenhouse gas emissions during shipping compared to glass bottles, but they are also made from recyclable P.E.T. material. By choosing Vinottes, you contribute to a greener future as they can be recycled and transformed into other PET beverage bottles, ensuring a closed-loop recycling process. Join us in making a positive impact on the environment with Vinottes, the sustainable choice for wines and spirits.

… are socially responsible

In our commitment to inclusivity, Vinovae has forged a collaboration with a non-profit organization to provide employment opportunities for disabled workers. By joining forces, we strive to create a more inclusive workforce and empower individuals with disabilities, enabling them to contribute their valuable skills and talents to certain tasks. Through this partnership, we aim to make a positive social impact and foster a more diverse and equitable working environment.

… are against waste

At Vinovae, we are staunchly against waste. Vinottes embrace this philosophy by offering the ideal quantity for tasting, significantly reducing wine and spirits wastage. With perfectly-sized doses, nothing goes to waste, ensuring that every sip is savored and enjoyed to the fullest. Join us in our mission to minimize waste and make a positive impact on the environment with Vinottes, the sustainable choice for an exceptional tasting experience.

… bring people together

Vinottes have the remarkable power to transcend borders and foster meaningful connections between people, no matter where they are in the world. By bringing individuals together through shared tasting experiences, Vinottes cultivate social bonds that defy distance and cultural boundaries. Embrace the global community that Vinottes create, as they unite wine and spirits enthusiasts worldwide in a shared passion for exploration, enjoyment, and connection.

Grégoire and Tristan from Vinovae

A Journey Ignited: Vinovae’s Unique Story

The remarkable journey of Vinovae began with a friendship between two wine enthusiasts, Grégoire Henry and Tristan Destremau, who pondered a simple yet transformative question: Why not have the ability to taste wine through samples, akin to perfume?

Driven by their passion, the duo embarked on two years of intensive research, leading to the development of a one-of-a-kind, patented process of repackaging into samples. Vinottes emerged as the result, preserving the wines and spirits’ organoleptic qualities with utmost precision.


Behind Vinovae, you’ll find two partners with diverse but complementary backgrounds. Striving for balance and harmony, both within themselves and their company, their partnership fuels the vision and innovation that drives Vinovae forward.


Harmony with Nature and People: Our Commitment to Values

Human values are at the heart of our company philosophy.

At Vinovae, our commitment extends beyond the realm of wines; it encompasses the respect we hold for nature and people. Human values lie at the core of our company philosophy.

Nurturing the well-being of our staff is paramount to our management approach. We prioritize finding the delicate balance between professional and personal lives, ensuring their happiness and fulfillment. Respect is a fundamental value that permeates every aspect of our operations, extending to our valued partners and suppliers. Through fair pricing and fostering relationships built on trust, we cultivate a sense of harmony and collaboration.

At Vinovae, we believe that respecting wines, nature, and people is not only essential but also the cornerstone of a meaningful and purposeful journey.

Glass of white wine in the vineyard

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