There isn’t only wine in Vinottes®.
They also contain the essence of everything we believe in.


Cabernet Sauvignon Sample

… have green thumbs

930 Arbres

Trees planted since May 2021

… are Made in France

Vinottes and their whole ecosystem (cardboard, packaging, production) are produced exclusively in France! They reflect the technical and industrial expertise of the French wine and spirits industry.

… have a low carbon footprint

Shipping a Vinotte generates 50 times less greenhouse gas emissions than a glass bottle.

Made using P.E.T., Vinottes are entirely recyclable! Once recycled they can be used to make other PET beverage bottles.

… are socially responsible

For certain tasks, Vinovae has joined forces with a non-profit to employ disabled workers.

… are against waste

The ideal quantity in Vinottes significantly reduces wine and spirits wastage. Using perfectly-sized doses for tasting means nothing is lost.

… bring people together

Vinottes cross borders and create social ties between people wherever they are in the world!

Grégoire and Tristan from Vinovae

A unique story

 Vinovae’s adventure started with a friendship, that between Grégoire Henry and Tristan Destremau, two wine enthusiasts who asked themselves a simple question:
why not be able to test wine with a sample, like perfume?

This was followed by two years of intensive research that led to the invention of a unique, patented process of repackaging into samples. Vinottes fully preserve the organoleptic qualities of the wines and spirits handled.


We’re two partners with different but complementary backgrounds! The same balance and harmony between our personalities is also what we aim for within our company.


We respect wines, but also nature and people

Human values are at the heart of our company philosophy.

The well-being of our staff is central to our management: finding the right balance between professional and personal is one of our top priorities. Respect is also a value we share with our partners and suppliers, so we charge fair prices for a relationship of trust.

Glass of white wine in the vineyard

Our dedicated team is here to help