Gift ideas for wine lovers: the must-have boxes


Wine gift box, the essential for professionals

Tasting a single bottle is good, but discovering a dozen different wines is even better! Wine boxes are at the heart of sales for wine merchants, e-commerce sites, and even wine producers offering wine tourism packages!


Wine tastings from around the world at your fingertips

Firstly, wine boxes have become very popular in recent years, offering wine enthusiasts the opportunity to discover a varied selection of quality wines. Qoqa is known for offering fun tasting boxes and providing unique experiences for its customers! Many other companies are joining in to ensure an atypical customer experience.

We particularly love the wine boxes created with E-tasting, which allow tasters to sample wines from around the world in a single box! On this site, two wine gift ideas are highlighted: the “Discovery Box of 12 European Wines” and the “Oenological Journey Box” composed of 6 organic French wines!

These two wine boxes offer a unique experience and allow wine lovers to travel through the most renowned wine regions, discovering the terroirs of these iconic regions and countries.


Discovery Box of 12 European Wines

The “Discovery Box of 12 European Wines” is an ideal choice for the curious who wish to explore wines from different European countries. This box contains a selection of 12 wine samples (Vinottes®) from various wine regions across Europe, offering a truly international tasting experience.

With this box, wine enthusiasts can discover the organoleptic specificities of grape varieties from different wine regions, challenging themselves with new appellations, aromas, and more.




Oenological Journey Box of 6 Organic French Wines

On the other hand, the “Oenological Journey Box” of 6 Organic French Wines highlights the organic wines from various French wine regions. This box is perfect for wine lovers who are environmentally conscious and appreciate the flavors and aromas of French wines.

“Consume less but better” is the motto of this wine box, as it contains 6 samples (4 cl each) of organic wines representing 6 iconic regions of France! These certified organic and French wines are sure to satisfy all wine enthusiasts who care about the environment and their health.



4 cl, the perfect amount for solo or duo tasting

Finally, these wine boxes are appreciated for their unique design and the sample size (4 cl), which are ideal for gifts and tasting events with friends or family! Each sample is 4 cl, allowing wine lovers to taste a variety of wines without opening entire bottles.

Wine boxes enliven an evening, entertain guests, or serve as an original gift! This approach prevents wine wastage and satisfies the tastes of everyone present. Less waste and more discoveries!

We love this innovative idea that modernizes the traditional wine sector.


Wine merchants, e-commerce, supermarkets, winemakers… dare to innovate and impress your consumers with wine gift boxes!


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