Spirits Producers: Increase your sales with spirits samples!

Turn 1 of your spirit bottles into 36 samples de 2 cl – 18 samples de 4 cl – 14 samples de 5 cl.

20 ml - 40 ml - 50ml Vinotte

How it works?

You ship your bottles to our facility in Lyon

We repackage your wine into 20ml, 40ml or 50ml samples

We design and affix your label onto the samples wih precision and care

We design and affix your label onto the samples with precision and care

We carefully pack the personalized boxes with your samples

We dispatch the boxes the boxes to your desired destination

We dispatch the boxes to your desired destination


Generate more business

  • Increase club member retention
  • Boost online sales
  • Enhance marketing
  • Increase revenue
  • Expand Customer reach

Our patented process leaves nothing to chance. State-of-the-art technology is used to preserve the quality of your products.

There’s no difference between your bottled spirit and that in a Spinotte sample. Under controlled temperature and pressure conditions, we use an oxygen-free technique (<5 ppm) with micron filtration.

To ensure impeccable quality, we conduct a comprehensive range of taste, physical, and chemical tests on a diverse selection of wines. These tests include TAV (Total Alcoholic Volume), glucose, fructose, TA (Total Acidity), volatile acidity, pH, free SO2, total SO2, malic acid, lactic acid, and CO2. Our commitment to excellence drives us to leave no stone unturned in our quest for the finest quality in every Vinotte we produce.

Rest assured, your spirits are in good hands.