The tradition of wine meets the innovation of virtual reality


WineVision and Vinovae team up for an unprecedented wine tourism experience

Montpellier, April 25, 2024

On the occasion of WineConnect, a unique annual event where stakeholders from the wine and digital sectors meet to discuss current issues, WineVision and Vinovae are proud to announce their partnership. WineVision, a leader in immersive experiences for wine enthusiasts, and Vinovae, a leading figure in wine samples and tasting sets, are now offering a unique experience.

Innovation at the service of wine tourism

This strategic partnership aims to create a 360° sensory immersive offering in the world of the winemaker. This is achieved by integrating WineVision’s immersive technology into Vinovae’s wine tasting sets, which will now include a QR code that redirects to virtual tours of the vineyards.

Consumers will have the opportunity to experience complete immersion in the estate, explore the vineyards, and discover the secrets of winemaking during their wine tastings. This revolutionary sensory experience aims to give new meaning to tastings by offering a true immersion in the history of our terroirs.


An offer aimed at the industry

This partnership aims not only to create a memorable experience for wine enthusiasts but also to offer significant commercial benefits for industry stakeholders.

Accordingly, the targets identified for this offer are diverse and the variations numerous. Here are some examples:

  • An integrated 360° training offer for training schools, with immersion in production methods and practical tasting using Vinottes samples for an enriched educational experience.
  • Proposal of an immersive tasting pack to increase conversions for winemakers, especially among their professional clients abroad.
  • Offering a virtual immersion to showcase the craftsmanship of barrel makers, paired with a tasting of Vinottes samples that highlight the specific characteristics of their products.

This collaboration opens up a realm of possibilities where technological innovation meets wine tradition to offer unique and memorable experiences to wine enthusiasts worldwide.

About WineVision

Founded in 2019 by visionaries Louis Thouard and Matthieu Varon, WineVision is a pioneering French company that combines cutting-edge technology with a passion for wine, champagne, and spirits. Born in the heart of Burgundy in Chalon sur Saône and now rooted in Champagne, WineVision embodies French excellence and innovation.

With more than 60 partners, both small and large, who have already placed their trust in them, WineVision offers immersive virtual reality experiences that revolutionize how wine houses communicate with their clients and contribute to the global prominence of French expertise.

About Vinovae

The samples represent the optimal dose to form an opinion and appreciate the tasted wine. Additionally, repackaging in an inert and oxygen-free atmosphere ensures the preservation of the organoleptic qualities of the wines when sampling from a 75 CL bottle to Vinottes of 2, 4, or 5 CL.

Vinovae creates turnkey projects with wine samples that allow professionals in the wine industry to have their wines tasted. Winemakers, training organizations, barrel makers, e-commerce, mass retail, chain of wine shops, distilleries… these samples allow the sending of your references worldwide and the tasting of wines and spirits to more targets!

From the 3 Vinottes set to the famous Advent calendar composed of 24 Vinottes, the turnkey projects signed by Vinovae adapt to the needs of all its clients!

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