Why choose P.E.T. for wine samples?


Vinotte is revolutionizing the wine sampling industry with its patented process using P.E.T. Designed to preserve the quality of wines, the samples called Vinottes offer an ecological and practical solution for wine tasting and distribution worldwide.

This article explores the advantages of Vinotte samples, the characteristics of P.E.T., and the innovative process that guarantees an optimal tasting experience.

The Advantages of P.E.T. Wine Samples

1. Preservation and Quality


Firstly, the “Vinottes®” samples are packaged under an inert atmosphere, devoid of oxygen, which prevents the oxidation of the wine. This method preserves the wine’s organoleptic properties, ensuring a tasting experience true to the original bottle. The P.E.T. used is certified “food contact,” guaranteeing no leaching of chemical substances into the wine.


2. Ecology and Sustainability

Secondly, P.E.T. is a fully recyclable material, requiring three times less energy for its production compared to glass. Additionally, a Vinotte generates 50 times less greenhouse gases (GHG) than a glass bottle, making it a much more ecological option. Light and unbreakable, P.E.T. samples reduce the carbon footprint during transport and storage.


3. Practicality and Safety

Finally, with an ideal capacity of 2 cl, Vinottes offer the perfect dose for tasting. The aluminum-sealed cap ensures perfect air-tightness, preserving the freshness of the wine. The lightness and unbreakability of P.E.T. add a layer of practicality, making the samples easy to handle and transport internationally.


Vinovae’s Patented Process

Inert Atmosphere and Absence of Oxygen

The reconditioning process of Vinottes is entirely carried out under an inert atmosphere, mainly composed of nitrogen, with a complete absence of oxygen. This method prevents the oxidation of the wine, preserving its quality and aromas. The production line maintains a slight overpressure to retain volatile compounds in the liquid.


Temperature Control and Gravity Work

The wine is handled at a controlled temperature to avoid any destabilization. Additionally, the movement of the wine is done by gravity, without the use of extraction or pushing pumps, which minimizes disturbances to the liquid and preserves its structure.


Traceability and Safety

Vinovae, creators of wine and spirits samples, retains a sample from each reconditioned batch, ensuring complete traceability and rigorous quality control. The Vinotte labels include all the legal mentions present on the original bottle, guaranteeing transparency and compliance.

Thus, Vinotte’s P.E.T. wine samples represent a significant advancement in the field of wine tasting and distribution. Their patented process ensures optimal preservation while offering an ecological and practical solution. Thanks to their lightness, durability, and low environmental impact, Vinottes stand out as the ideal tasting tool for wine enthusiasts and industry professionals.


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