Wine tourism: let your wines be tasted with samples


Enhancing wine tourism with Vinottes: the new approach for wine producers

As wine tourism continues to evolve, vineyards are seeking innovative ways to engage visitors and boost sales. The goal? Providing memorable experiences. Wine producers are aiming to innovate, retaining their regular customers by offering tastings of new references and introducing their estates and products to potential new buyers.

New wine samples

In search of new oenotourism ideas and services, wine producers want to combine innovation and tradition to sustain tourists’ interest in wine. The use of wine samples, called Vinottes®, to animate vineyards and enhance visitor experiences is the essential new trend. Wineries are offering a new service beyond traditional wine tastings.

Attracting tourists to vineyards

Attracting tourists is a primary goal for many vineyards looking to expand their visibility and showcase their offerings. Indeed, many wine consumers are accustomed to purchasing the same products and are hesitant to buy a wine whose organoleptic characteristics they are unfamiliar with. Distributing wine samples in strategic locations such as shops, tourist offices, and accommodations like Airbnb and hotels can significantly increase visibility and attract potential visitors. These samples serve as attractive invitations to encourage tourists to explore the vineyards to taste the wine tested in samples and buy the corresponding bottle.

Animating oenotourism events

Moreover, there is no memorable experience without a good product and entertainment. Innovative entertainment plays a key role in attracting visitors to vineyards. By offering unique experiences within their estates, wine producers can create lasting impressions. Imagine grape blending workshops, picnics in the vineyards, or bike rides through the vineyards. These activities not only engage tourists but also deepen their appreciation of the winemaking process.

Wine tasting kits

Furthermore, to enhance the oenotourism experience, vineyards can offer tasting kits containing 3 to 6 Vinottes. The samples allow for carefully selected wine selections to offer visitors the opportunity to taste a multitude of flavors and aromas, thereby improving their purchasing process. Whether it’s a guided tasting or independent exploration, wine sample tasting kits complement oenotourism activities and encourage visitors to savor the unique terroir of each vintage.

In conclusion, Vinottes offer wine producers a dynamic tool to animate their vineyards, attract new audiences, and increase sales. By adopting innovative approaches to wine tourism and leveraging the appeal of wine samples, vineyards can captivate visitors and create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression in visitors’ memories.